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Description of the subject matter

The Austrian Veterinary Chamber is obliged to keep a list of veterinary practitioners entitled to practise their profession in Austria. The list of veterinary practitioners has to comprise the following data:

  • Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Academic degree
  • Place of practice or place of employment
  • Official title(s) and titles bestowed
  • Successful passing of qualification exam for official vets
  • If need be expiry of entitlement to practice, relinquishment of entitlement to practice, suspension and resuming of practice, interdiction of practice

Persons who intend to practice the veterinary profession have to notify this to the Austrian Veterinary Chamber and to apply for entry into the list of veterinary practitioners for the intended place of practice submitting proof for their identity and education.

Enterprises affected

All persons who intend to take up veterinary practice in Austria (including official veterinarians).


The following requirements have to be met:

  • Full legal capacity
  • Austrian nationality OR nationals of signatories to the EEA-agreement (this requirement does not apply to nationals of a signatory treaty or agreement with the EU or its member states on the principle of national treatment with regard to their right of freedom of establishment and services; furthermore for refugees who were granted asylum in accordance with asylum legislation; furthermore to spouses of Austrian nationals or spouses of nationals of signatories to the EEA-agreement working in Austria)
  • Full academic qualification of veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna OR a foreign full academic qualification recognised by the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna OR evidence of formal qualification as listed in Annex V of the Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications OR a confirmation in writing by the country of provenance certifying that the person concerned is entitled to practice the veterinary profession in this country self-employed (only applicable to nationals of signatories to the EEA-agreement)
  • Sufficient knowledge of the official language (German)

All necessary documentation has to be attached to the application.

PLEASE NOTE If a surgery is opened in parallel with the entry into the list, the surgery must also comply with the directives on surgeries set up by the Österreichische Tierärztekammer (Austrian Veterinary Chamber)!


Application has to be done before the intended taking up of veterinary practice; practice must not be taken up before the application has been settled favourably.

The Austrian Veterinary Chamber has to settle the application within 14 days.

Competent authority

Competence for the procedure lies with the Österreichische Tierärztekammer (Austrian Veterinary Chamber).  


The application has to be addressed in writing to the competent authority.

In case the application is not settled favourably the entry has to be denied by the Austrian Veterinary Chamber by notice.

Appeals from this notice can be filed with the provincial governor who is locally competent for the intended place of practice or employment or – when at the time of application neither a place of practice nor place of employment have been envisaged – for the place of residence of the applicant. Where there is also no place of residence the competence lies with the provincial governor of Vienna. No further appeal is admissible.

PLEASE NOTE Where knowledge of German cannot be proven by foreign nationals in writing (full qualification from a German-speaking University or other proof of knowledge of the language) it may become necessary to test the knowledge of German by a personal interview at the location of the competent authority.

Documents required

The following documents have to be attached to the application:

  • Proof of fulfilling the general requirements (refer to section requirements)
  • Identity card
  • 2 photos


For the registration, fees according to the Tarifordnung der Österreichischen Tierärztekammer (Austrian Veterinary Chamber) will accrue.

In the case of an appeal against a notice of denial the usual costs of administrative procedures may accrue.

Please note that costs may accrue for the issuing of the Veterinary Practitioner’s Identity Card!

Legal basis

§§ 3, 6, 15 Tierärztegesetz (Veterinary Practitioner Act)

Expert information

Merkblatt der Österreichischen Tierärztekammer (Austrian Veterinary Chamber)

Last update: 01.01.2019

Approved by:
  • Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection

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