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Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs
Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort
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An Initiative by the Austrian Federal Government

The Unternehmensserviceportal (USP) is an initiative by the Austrian Federal Government. The portal aims to serve as a single entry point where businesses can obtain relevant information and fulfil their legal obligations quickly and effectively. In accordance with the Unternehmensserviceportalgesetz (USPG), the Federal Ministry of Finance assigned the Federal Computing Centre [Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH] with the task of setting up and operating the USP. Based on business situations, e.g. Starting up [Gründung], the USP provides information on an inter-administrative level and in a neutral way. Businesses which are registered with the USP are able to conduct transactions with government authorities by using applications such as FinanzOnline or ELDA via the USP. Furthermore, user management is available for registered businesses.

Here you will find a list of all online transactionsGerman text.

Media Owners

Disclosure according to section 25 of the Mediengesetz (MedienG): The Federal Ministries, government authorities or partners who provide contents for the USP and are identified as such at the end of the texts (media owner/date of last approval) are the media owners. In case texts are identified with the term "USP Editorial Staff", the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs is the media owner. Here you will find a list of all media ownersGerman text.

Terms of Use

In accordance with section 3 paragraph 1 of the Unternehmensserviceportalgesetz (USPG), the Federal Ministry of Finance has established the following terms of use for businesses that are registered with the USP and their users:

Editorial staff:
Joint Editorial Staff and
Wiener Zeitung GmbH 

Technical supervision: Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Content Management System: Gentics Content.Node ®

Advice concerning freedom from barriers: Kompetenznetzwerk Informationstechnologie zur Förderung der Integration von Menschen mit Behinderungen (KI-I)

The content presented on is of a general nature only and cannot replace a detailed study of relevant legal provisions. The information and services provided, in particular the contact details of government authorities and institutions as well as terms which are explained in the encyclopedia [Lexikon], are not necessarily accurate, comprehensive, complete or up to date. The owners of the media are responsible for the content. Especially no legal claims can be established from the use of information or services found on our website. Therefore, an extensive legal counselling cannot be replaced by contacting the website. If you need any advisory service, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional.

References and links to external websites have been chosen carefully. Nevertheless, we cannot control and we assume no responsibility that their content is accurate, up-to-date, complete and available.

Moreover, we accept no liability with regard to any forms that can be downloaded, and especially we do not guarantee that they are up to date, appropriate for a specific purpose or free of viruses. We reserve the right, anytime and without advance notice, to change, add and delete the here presented information and services or to cease the website or parts of it entirely. It is our goal to minimise disruption caused by technical errors. However, some data or information on our website may have been created or structured in files or formats that are not error-free and we cannot guarantee that our service will not be interrupted or affected by such problems.

Intellectual Property

All contents of, including layout and sound and video sequences, are protected by copyright according to the Urheberrechtsgesetz. All rights are reserved by the copyright owner. No changes shall be made. Public use of the information and/or the services on this website may be made only with our agreement and upon mentioning and displaying the source. Any person shall be free to merely provide a link to our contents while simultaneously providing the source reference, and needs no special permission.

Final Provisions

Use of information and/or services is subject exclusively to Austrian law. Businesses that are registered with the USP must additionally comply with the terms of use in their respective valid version. In case individual formulations in this text or parts of it fail to correspond or to correspond fully with the prevailing legal situation, the remaining parts remain unaffected as for their content and validity. In place of an invalid provision or to remedy a deficiency, an appropriate, legally admissible provision is applied that, based on the sense and objective of these terms, would have been intended in the awareness of the partial invalidity or deficiency.

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