On 1 January 2010, the Austrian public administration launched a one-stop-shop Business Service Portal called 'Unternehmensserviceportal (USP)'. The portal aims to serve as a single entry point for businesses to the administration. By offering information and transaction services, it intends to help businesses to fulfil their legal obligations and to reduce their administrative burdens. In accordance with the Unternehmensserviceportalgesetz (USPG), the Federal Ministry of Finance assigned the Federal Computing Centre [Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH] with the task of setting up and operating USP.gv.at. Based on business situations, e.g. Starting up [Gründung], the USP provides neutral information on an inter-administrative level. Businesses which are registered with the USP are able to conduct transactions with government authorities by using applications such as FinanzOnline or ELDA via the USP. Furthermore, user management is available for registered businesses.

Here you will find a list of all online transactionsGerman text.

USP.gv.at – a governmental web page that offers information on setting up and running a business in Austria. In the following we want to give an overview what kind of information can be found on USP.gv.at.

Currently, most information is only available in German. However, we are concerned to link to English web pages where available. We keep these links up-to-date and are constantly adding pages in English. Where an English term is linked, the corresponding information will be in English as well unless the term is followed by this comment: German text. Accordingly, where a German term is linked, this leads to a German web page.

You can find further information on our partner web page HELP for Foreign Citizens. This service describes the most important steps foreigners coming to Austria need to take in order to live and work here, from reporting one's place of residence to employment permits.

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