Fuel stations – price marking

General Information


In general, these regulations also apply to traders from EU Member States in Austria.

Operators of fuel stations must display prices for:

  • standard and premium grade petrol fuel; and
  • diesel fuel.

Prices must be displayed in such a way that road users with motor vehicles can, when approaching the fuel station at the corresponding reduced speed, easily read and attribute the prices whilst still on the carriageway.

Exception: fuel stations operated in conjunction with a garage are exempt from this price marking obligation if they only provide fuel to users of the garage and do not advertise the sale of fuel, in particular by refraining from displaying a sign that says ‘fuel station’.

Enterprises Affected

Retailers of vehicle fuel (fuel stations)


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Competent authority

Compliance with this obligation is monitored by:


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Further information

The purpose of this price marking obligation is to provide information to road users with motor vehicles.

The district administrative authorities.German text are responsible for ensuring compliance with this price marking obligation and for initiating administrative penalty proceedings.

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