Product rules

EU rules and national implementation

Most product requirements are harmonised across the EU, which means that the same rules apply throughout the EU. A European Commission database (EU Trade Help Desk) helps to identify the EU rules applicable to a specific product type (by entering a product code) and their national implementation in a particular EU Member State. However, there are also product rules in the EU that are not harmonised, so different national specifications may apply in different EU countries.

Austrian rules

The Austrian Product Contact Points provide information on the (non-harmonised) technical product rules in force in Austria. Product requirements may differ under national rules in terms of:

  • size/dimensions
  • weight
  • composition
  • labelling
  • packaging
  • testing

Information on product rules planned in Austria can be found in the EU database TRIS. This contains all the draft national technical regulations which must be notified to the EU Commission by EU Member States as part of a notification procedure before they enter into force.

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