Assumption of liabilities for tourism and leisure (2014 to 2020)

General Information

Liabilities for tourism and leisure can be assumed for the following areas of investment and activity:

  • Quality improvement
  • Business size optimisation, realignment and, under special conditions, new construction
  • Setting up or improving tourist infrastructure
  • Setting up or improving personnel accommodation and other facilities for employees
  • Environmental and safety-related facilities, accessibility, and energy saving measures
  • Founding new businesses or taking over existing ones
  • Financial restructuring
  • ERP small loans
  • Natural disasters
  • Bridging financing associated with the COVID-19 crisis

Liabilities are assumed for each business and year for borrowed capital from a liability total of at least 100,000 Euro and up. For ‘startup and business takeover’ projects, ‘ERP’ small loans and damage remediation measures after natural disasters, there is no lower limit. The maximum liability limit is EUR 4 million.

The liability period is no more than 20 years. The period for capital collateralised with liability may exceed the liability period.

The liability rate is up to 80 percent of the borrowed capital provided.

There is no lower limit for the bridging financing associated with the COVID-19 crisis, the upper limit of the total liability is calculated based on the choice of the area of activity (80 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent liability). The liability period is no more than 3 or 5 years.

Enterprises Affected

Small and medium-sized businesses in tourism and leisure


These rules apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.


See general information


Applications can be submitted at any time

Competent authority

Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank (→ ÖHT)German text
Parkring 12a
1010 Vienna


The application for funding must be submitted to the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank (ÖHT), which also administers the remainder of the process, from application review, to decision, to payment.

Required documents

The materials to be submitted include the following:

  • Full completed application form with authorised company signature.
  • construction plans approved by the planning authorities
  • for artificial snow systems:
    legal water use and nature conservation approvals
  • Costing summary organised by trades (based on cost estimates)
  • Signed annual accountsGerman text for the past three business years
  • Financing and/or grant assistance undertaking(s)
  • Rent/lease contract
  • Trading permit(s)/concession certificate(s)
  • Company register extract(s)
  • if liability desired: Forecast estimate for the next five years

Costs and fees

The following are payable for the assumption of liability:

  • A one-time processing fee of one percent of the amount collateralised with liability, but no more than 10,000 Euro
    This fee is not payable for liabilities associated with TOP restructuring and financial assistance for young entrepreneurs;
  • Liability provision in the amount of 0.8 percent per annum in advance, calculated from the capital collateralised with liability on the 31st December each year
  •  One-time liability cancellation provision of two percent if liability is returned early

Legal bases


Die Geltungsdauer der Richtlinien des Bundesministeriums für Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus für die Übernahme von Haftungen für die Tourismus- und Freizeitwirtschaft 2014 bis 2020 wird um ein Jahr verlängert. Sie stellen daher auch im Jahr 2021 die relevante Rechtsgrundlage für diese Förderung dar.

Expert Information

There is no expert information available.

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