Professional Qualifications from Other EU/ EEA Member States and Switzerland

General Information

When registeringregulated trade and/or appointing a manager, evidence of professional competence has to be furnished. If professional qualifications were obtained in other EU/EEA member states, they are recognised in the framework of the diploma recognition procedure (recognition in accordance with Section 373c of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 or equivalence in accordance with Section 373d of the GewO 1994). These procedures are also applicable to qualifications obtained in Switzerland.

If the aspired activity is part of the EU/EWR-Anerkennungsverordnung, the recognition procedure in accordance with Section 373c of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 is applied to determine if this activity was effectively carried out outside of Austria.

If the aspired activity cannot be recognised in accordance with Section 373c of the Gewerbeordnung 1994, the authorities have to evaluate individually in accordance with Sections 373d and 373e of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 to what extent the foreign certificate equals the Austrian evidence of professional competence.

The official decision about the recognition or equivalence itself does not entitle the person to carry on a trade. For this purpose the trade has to be registered with the competent trade authority at the place where the enterprise operates.


  • Qualification from EU/EEA Member States or Switzerland


No specific deadlines have to be met.

Competent authority

The competent authority is the provincial governor [LandeshauptmannGerman text].

Legal bases

Expert Information

No expert information is available.

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