Evidence of qualifications

If you wish to carry on a regulated business, you must provide evidence of qualifications which proves that the person registering the business has the professional and commercial knowledge, expertise and experience to carry on the business independently.

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The Gewerbeordnung (GewO) and the regulations governing the qualifications required for each regulated business specify how the evidence of qualifications should be provided. Examination certificates, educational qualifications, proof of practical experience or a combination of these, as well as a master craftsman's certificate, could be required.

If this evidence cannot be provided, the authority can determine the competence of individuals. This will involve demonstrating the knowledge, expertise and experience to carry on the business in another way.


In general, these rules also apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

If a sole proprietor does not provide evidence of qualifications, a professional representative who is able to provide it must be appointed.

A professional representative of a legal entity (limited company, association etc.) or registered partnership must also provide evidence of qualifications.


Legal entities and registered partnerships, must always appoint a professional representative, irrespective of whether or not evidence of qualifications is required.

Evidence of qualifications is not required to run an unregulated business or a business that can operate as an industrial business; exceptions to this include master builders and weapon producers.

  • Running an industrial business
    The Business Authority verifies whether a business is an industrial business. These businesses typically use a lot of machinery and technical equipment and have production lines and standard work processes.

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