Trade name and terms and conditions


In general, these rules also apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

Displaying the trade name

Traders are obliged to display their trade name on the outside of their business premises. This also applies to temporary premises and to warehouses and similar buildings, production premises and building sites.

The sign displaying the trade name must include at least the name of the trader and a clear indication of the nature of the business as determined in the licence to trade in highly visible script.

Displaying terms and conditions

If traders generally use terms and conditions they must display them in the designated customer areas of the business premises.

Sending terms and conditions to the Association for Consumer Information

Traders must send a copy of their terms and conditions to the Association for Consumer Information if required by law.

This is required for the following business activities:

  • real estate agent
  • financial advisor.

Please note

If the business uses only the terms and conditions recommended by the Federal Guild of Real Estate and Asset Trustees, or the Board of Independent Sales Representatives and Intermediaries, it is not obliged to send them to the Association for Consumer Information.

A copy of the terms and conditions must be sent to the Association by the date on which they are first used. The obligation applies also to amendments to terms and conditions already notified.

If traders cease to use the terms and conditions they must notify the Association within a month.

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