Specifying prices


In general, these rules also apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

The prices of the goods or services on the website of an online shop operator must be specified in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The prices must be clearly legible and easily attributable to the goods and services concerned for an averagely attentive viewer.
  • It must be clearly identifiable whether the prices are specified inclusive or exclusive of VAT.
  • It must be clearly identifiable whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of all other fees and surcharges.
  • It must be indicated whether shipping costs are included.

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More detailed information on the information requirements that must be complied with by law in dealings with consumers can be found in the chapter Specific information requirements towards consumers.

There are further rules regarding the pricing of goods and services for sales to consumers from Austria. These rules must also be observed for sales made offline:

  • Prices must be specified inclusive of VAT and all other fees and surcharges, i.e. as gross prices. If the net price is also specified, the gross price must be displayed in its immediate vicinity.
  • Prices must be displayed in Austrian currency. If, in addition, the price or parts of the price is/are stated in a foreign currency, the Austrian price must be written in at least the same font size and with at least the same degree of prominence.

Price differentiation on the basis of nationality, domicile or habitual residence is prohibited unless there is objective justification for doing so. There is objective justification in the case of different VAT rates, for example.

In principle, there must also be no differentiation with regard to the possible means of payment on the basis of nationality, domicile or habitual residence unless there is objective justification.

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In addition, there are further provisions on price marking in Austria – online and offline – that must be observed.

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