Notifying the Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed

General information

Commercially active shareholders must also register with the Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed (SVS) or the competent business authority.


In general, these rules also apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

Shareholders of commercial businesses are:

Commercially active shareholders have sickness, pension- und accident insurance from the date of registration of the business with the business authority.

Please note

Under the Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz (ASVG), members of the board of management of a public limited company must be insured with the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (→ ÖGK)German text.

Enterprises affected

Partner of an OG, personally liable partner of a KG or managing partner of a GmbH, if the company has a business licence


Setting up a business


Within a month of commencing or resuming the commercial activity.

Competent authority

The Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed (→ SVS)German text or the competent business authorityGerman text.


An insurance declaration must be sent to the competent body notifying it of the start of the insurance.

The insurance declaration can be posted or faxed to the Social Insurance Institution (SVS).

One-stop registration with the Business Service Portal provides a single point of access to various social insurance services; this is explained in a short film (→ YouTube)German text.

Required documents

Not applicable

Costs and fees

There are no fees or costs to be paid.

Further information

Further links

Legal bases

sections 6, 18 of the Gewerbliches Sozialversicherungsgesetz (GSVG)

Expert information

There is no expert information available.

Link to form

Online insurance registration (→ SVS)German Text

Authentication and signature

Electronically: registration using a mobile phone signature
In writing (not using a mobile phone signature): signed application (sent by post)

Means of redress or appeal

Not applicable

Assistance and problem-solving services

There are no auxiliary or problemsolving services available.

Further service points
Social security ombudsman (→ SVS) German Text

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Last update: 18 July 2022

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