Registering a regulated business (companies)

General information

A business governed by the Gewerbeordnung can be performed independently, regularly and to obtain an income or economic advantage if it has been registered with the competent business authority in the place where it is located. Sole proprietors, legal entities (corporations, associations etc.) and registered partnerships require a licence to trade to carry on a business. Evidence of qualifications must be provided to run a regulated business.

Information on registering a sole proprietorship can be found under "Start-up roadmap - sole proprietorships".

Legal entities and registered partnerships must appoint a professional representative and notify the competent business authority in the place where the business is located.

USP.gv.at also provides detailed information about 'registering a business' in English.

Enterprises affected

Any company intending to carry on a regulated business.


For the legal entity (limited company, association etc.) or the registered partnership:

  • registration in the companies register or the Central Register of Associations or similar;
  • no grounds for disqualification (e.g. a financial offence, court judgment) of persons with a significant influence
  • a dispensation may be granted in some circumstances;

For the professional representative:

  • residence in Austria, a state in the EEA or Switzerland
  • legal capacity: 18 years and over;
  • no grounds for disqualification from trading (e.g. a financial offence, court judgment);
    a dispensation may be granted in some circumstances;
  • evidence of qualifications; or
  • a decision confirming individual competence; or
  • a decision to recognise or accept the equivalence of EEA certificates of competence
  • either appointment to legally represent the company externally; or
  • employment in a position subject to mandatory social insurance (for at least half of the normal weekly working hours).


In some cases a business requires a plant operating licence (particularly if the plant could be a source of hazards or nuisance or other harmful effects).


There are no specific deadlines.

Competent authority

The competent business authority in the place where the business is located:


The business must be registered with the business authority. This can be done in person or in writing – with or without a printed form – or electronically.

The following details must be provided when registering without a form:

  • precise name of the business;
  • precise location where the business will be carried on;
  • precise details of the person registering the business:
    • precise company name and companies register number or name of association and Central Register of Associations number, business address.
  • For the professional representative:
    • forename and surname, address, date and place of birth and nationality of the professional representative;
    • if the professional representative is an employee: social insurance number;
    • employer account number.


Your competent economic chamber ( WKO)German text will help you register your business free of charge.

The business registration takes effect immediately if all the conditions have been met and all the required documents are attached to the application. The business can trade from the date of registration.

However, section 95 businesses and chimney sweeping businesses cannot start trading until the decision granting the licence takes effect. The competent authority must issue the decision within three months.

Please note

The appointment of a professional representative for a section 95 business or chimney sweeping business also takes effect at the same time as the decision.

Entry in the Austrian Business Licence Information System (GISA)

Once the conditions have been met, the registrant is entered in GISA within three months of the date on which registration takes effect (i.e. when the authority has received all of the documents and individual competence has been legally established).

If all of the conditions have not yet been met or all of the documents received when the business is registered, and if an application for a

is submitted on or before the date of registration, the authority must take account of a decision issued within the three-month period.


A dispensation legally granted to the registrant after registration can be taken into account by the business authority if it was requested on or before the date of registration.


The date of legal registration of the business is the date on which the business authority has received all of the required documentation, and any required confirmation of individual competence, dispensation, recognition or acceptance of equivalence has been legally provided.

The authority will send you a copy of the entry in GISA; for section 95 businesses it will include a copy of the decision.

The GISA entry will be sent to you by post. If you have registered an section 95 business, you will receive the decision required to run the business by official registered letter (RSb-Brief).

If the conditions for running a business have not be met, the business authority will refuse your request.

Required documents

Identity documents do not have to be submitted for anyone already registered in GISA. If the authority can search registers for the data required, the following documents need not be submitted: birth certificate and certificate of nationality or passport, confirmation of the registration, companies register entry, entry in the register of associations.

For the legal entity (limited company, association etc.) or the registered partnership:

  • companies register entry or entry in the register of associations (no more than six months old);
  • statement concerning grounds for disqualification of legal entities under section 13 of the GewO 1994;
  • statement concerning grounds for disqualification of natural persons, for any natural person appointed to represent the company externally and any majority shareholder under section 13 of the GewO 1994;

For the professional representative: also

Costs and fees

There are no stamp duties or administrative fees to be paid (see section 333a of the GewO 1994).

Further information

If you start a business governed by the Gewerbeordnung) you must join the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber ( WKO)German text and take out insurance under the Trade Social Insurance Act. You must notify the Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed ( SVS)German text of your business.


Legal bases

sections 13, 39, 339 to 248 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 (GewO 1994)

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