Capital contribution and banking process

Information about starting a private limited company electronically and payment of the associated capital contribution

Capital contribution and share capital

When a private limited company or other limited company is set up, its share capital must be determined; this forms the basis of the company's assets. A private limited company (GmbH) must have at least 35,000 Euro in share capital or 10,000 Euro if it is given a start-up privilege. The shareholders each pay a particular capital contribution. When a corporation is started electronically, the capital contribution is paid during the banking process.

However, the share capital and capital contributions do not have to be paid in full on start-up. It is both legal, and common practice, to contribute half of the share capital to begin with, in other words 17,500 Euro, or 5,000 Euro if using the start-up privilege.


In general, these rules also apply to entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

The banking process for e-start-up

The banking process is essential for electronic start-up of a single-person private limited company. The bank sends the following documents directly to the companies register as part of this process:

  • Bank confirmation
    The person starting the company must pay the capital contribution to a bank. The bank sends the companies register confirmation that the capital contribution has been paid.
  • Proof of identity and specimen signature
    The bank checks the person's identity with identity documents and gets him or her to produce a specimen signature. These documents are scanned and also sent to the companies register.

Please note

Not every bank carries out the banking process. Please ask your bank directly!

The banking process for e-start-up is currently offered by the following institutions


The start-up privilege can also be used for electronic start-up. In this case, founders have to pay exactly 5,000 euro. By the end of the start-up privilege, after ten years, the payment must be increased to 17,500 Euro.

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