Considerations in advance

Up-to-date information on various issues you may want to consider before setting up a business, such as its legal status (i.e. whether to operate as an individual entrepreneur or a limited company), business plans, funding, etc.

Information for people setting up a new business

Please note

Since 31 July 2017, you have been able to use the Business Service Portal (USP) to set up a business electronically.

Before you start

  • What are my personal objectives?
  • Will my friends and family accept and support my plans?
  • What specialist qualifications do I have?

Before you officially set up your business

Questions about your business plan

  • Will I need to employ staff?
  • What will the location of my business be?
  • What investments will I have to make?
  • What other (running) costs will need to be paid?
  • How will I fund these investments and other costs?
  • Can I get financial support for my planned business?
  • Bearing all that in mind, what is the minimum turnover I need to make?

Questions about running your business

  • How must/should I keep my accounts?
  • Would it be a good idea to use an electronic data processing system?
  • Will my ideal project be profitable?
  • Where can I go for advice?

Please note

It is recommended to draft a business plan. Your business plan will serve as a reference when setting up your company, and will also provide a starting point for discussions about funding and financial support. It is recommended to seek advice about the procedure for setting up your business, as well as on any relevant financial and legal issues, before you set up your business. The most important steps you need to take to set up your own business are summarised in the "Road-maps for new businesses" (Gründungsfahrpläne) for individual entrepreneurs and companies.


The provincial branches of the Austrian Economic Chamber ( WKO) can provide you with expert advice and workshops on setting up a business (you must register with the WKO is advance). The Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien) also provides a "free locations (Freie Lokale) service ( WKO)" to help you find suitable business premises.

You can find information about self-employment on the webpages of the relevant economic chamber(s) and/or professional associations.

You can also find information in English about "setting up a business" on USP.gv.at.

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