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Free services

The Customer Service Center of the Austrian Patent Office will respond to all queries relating to patents, trade marks or designs and will provide support relating to the online services offered. Queries can be submitted by telephone, in person, or by e-mail.

  • Self-service terminals are available at the public library. The following information sources are offered there, amongst others:
  • The see.ip information database and the publication server of the Austrian Patent Office (containing all Austrian property rights)
  • Patent documents on paper, microfilm and CD-ROM
  • esp@cenet (→ ÖPA) and DEPATISnet (technical searches via the internet)
  • The ‘Privilegiensammlung’ collection (90,000 patent documents from 1852-1899)

Please note

These rules apply to all Austrian entrepreneurs.

Patent Scan

Patent Scan provides students at technical universities with help and support for completing their final projects. Students contribute towards research and development even during their studies. The solutions developed in dissertations or master and degree theses may help to reach a new level of technology. The Austrian Patent Office supports students from select technical universities to help them put the finishing touches on their final projects. Patent Scan, a new, free service, provides students with an international search carried out on approximately 100 million patent documents. The result of the search is tailored to the technical subject area and provides an insight into patent literature, the patent system, and the special language of patents. The prior art will be made available by experts at the Patent Office within four months.

Patent Scan for students?

  • Overview of protected inventions in your technical area
  • Introduction to ‘patent language’
  • Kick-start for your own patent, which may already be included in your final project

Who can apply for a Patent Scan?

  • All technical students at technical universities, who
  • Have just started their final projects, and
  • Can provide confirmation from their university.

The Austrian Patent Office provides this service for 200 final projects. You can quickly and easily apply on the homepage of the Austrian Patent Office.

How does Patent Scan work?

In order to carry out a Patent Scan, our experts will need a short description of the technical challenge or specific aspects thereof. Important: the more specific the description or wording of the technology area, the more relevant the patent documents that can be selected. Once an international search of the patent literature has been carried out, you will receive written feedback. Students thus receive a comprehensive overview of the patent literature, while also getting to know ‘patent language’.

Please note:

Patent Scan only works in respect of a technical challenge; the Patent Office cannot carry out searches for generally unpatentable things (e.g. software per se) or commercial aspects (e.g. business methods). The application for a Patent Scan must be filed no later than three months after the work towards a master or degree thesis begins, or 12 months in respect of a dissertation. Patent Scan is offered to students at the following universities: Graz University of Technology, Vienna University of Technology, Leoben University for Mining, Metallurgy, and Materials, and the technical faculties of the University of Innsbruck and Johannes Kepler University Linz.


This service is free for students.

Delivery time

The Patent Scan will be made available by experts at the Patent Office within four months.

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