Call for tenders databases and publication media

All calls for tenders of the federal government and contracting entities from the federal sector can be found in the online edition of the Official Tender JournalGerman text (a service of This platform also supports certain search functions (name of the contracting entity, type of contract, place of contract performance, publication date, CPV code, and NUTS code), is accessible at any time free of charge and also contains an archive of the calls for tenders of the last 2 years.

In the procurement portal of the Austrian Contractor Registry (ANKÖ), all Austrian announcements from the federal government, the federal provinces and cities, and all calls for tenders from the supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union are available electronically.

The effort spent on searching for suitable calls for tenders is reduced to a minimum through the creation of individual search profiles and an email service which automatically provides information on corresponding calls for tenders.

Please note

Legal bases and information can also be found on the website of the Federal Chancellery. Further information and interesting articles on the topic of "procurement" can be found on topic-specific blog pages, such as the Manz blogGerman text or auftrag.atGerman text.

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