Certain industries involve an increased risk to employees’ health and an increased risk of accidents due to weather conditions, geological features, working procedures used, working materials used or the use of technology. These industries are subject to additional rules and regulations.


The transport sector includes rail, cable car, ship and air transport; it also includes motor transport services (bus services) operated by railway companies and cable car companies as well as sleeper car and buffet car companies.

A dedicated Transport Labour InspectorateGerman text is responsible for this sector.

Construction work

In the case of construction work, provisions apply for the organisation of site facilities, procedures and work methods, scaffolding, measures for protecting against falling, inspection obligations and proofs (for scaffolding, operating equipment in underground mining, traction unit equipment, conveying systems for transporting people, etc.) as well as for the protection of young people on construction sites (e.g. rest periods, working time, employment restrictions).

For Vienna and parts of Lower Austria,a dedicated Labour Inspectorate for Construction WorkGerman text has been set up.

Coordination of construction work

For coordination of construction work, there are rules and regulations for the preparation and implementation phase, advance notice of a construction site, for which the construction site database ( BUAK)German text of the BUAK is to be used. A safety and health protection plan is to be created and documents are to be created and retained for subsequent work.

Detailed information on notification requirements for construction work can also be found at

Detailed rules and regulations for these industries can be found on the Labour Inspectorate’s website:

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