Up-to-date information on changing a company's place of establishment, moving a company, time and cost planning, selecting a place of establishment, obligations and permits etc.

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The USP has provided an electronic relocation service since 2019.

In many cases, relocating a company's registered office is the most efficient way to respond to changes in factors such as sales market, costs etc.

When moving a company to a new location, there are certain points to bear in mind with respect to scheduling and costing:

  • Selection of a suitable location and the associated changes and, potentially, obligations
  • Where necessary, obtaining new permits for the new location that are usually only required when starting up a business
  • Compliance with special legal provisions regarding the establishment of businesses, e.g.
  • Obtaining other permits, for example under
    • Urban planning and building law
    • Water law
    • Waste disposal law
    • Nature conservation law
    • Forest law
    • Railway law
    • Road law


The Austrian regional economic chambers ( WKO)German text and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy ( BMAW)German text offer the necessary consulting services to help you relocate your business.

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