About the Business Service Portal (USP) The Business Service Portal (also known by its German acronym, USP) is the central online platform for entrepreneurs. It is a simple way of connecting entrepreneurs with Austrian government services online.

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Signing up for the Business Service Portal just once opens up a range of different ways to complete various administrative procedures quickly and securely online. The Business Service Portal also provides entrepreneurs with legally approved, reliable information from Austrian government ministries, covering the full spectrum of issues to do with running a business.

Registration is easy and gives you access to all the online services USP has to offer

Once you have registered for the Business Service Portal (USP), your single-sign-on account gives you a convenient way of accessing more than 90 government services online.

Full details of how to register are also available on USP.gv.at.

Why register with the Business Service Portal?

  • Access over 90 government services with one USP account

  • More than 2,000 pages of important information for entrepreneurs, all in one place and available around the clock

  • Set up your business electronically so you can get to work straight away

  • Receive correspondence electronically, so you never miss a message and never have to wait for the post again

  • Use the tender search feature to see all Austrian tenders in one place

  • The e-Rechnung electronic invoicing system gives you a quick and easy way of invoicing Federal Government departments

  • Assign roles and authorisations for administrative services securely via the Business Service Portal​​​​​​​

The Business Service Portal in figures*

*key figures based on figures of 2022

Watch the video to discover all the benefits of the Business Service Portal!

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