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Features of your Business Service Portal ("Mein USP") account

Business Service Portal services

  • My mailbox
  • e-Rechnung electronic invoicing
  • Electronic relocation

Government services

  • Access more than 80 government services online
  • Highly-secure system
  • All information for participants in official procedures is fully verified

Assigning rights and authorisations

Access to most services on the Business Services Portal is controlled. These services can only be used if the system knows which company is attempting to access them. When you set up your account, the role of "USP-Administrator" (Business Service Portal Administrator) will be assigned to a specific individual. Once the account is active, the administrator can assign additional roles and authorisations to themselves or to colleagues to make sure they have access to the government services they need.


More information about My Business Service Portal ("Mein USP")

If you like to start a sole proprietorship or a one-person limited liability company (Ein-Personen GmbH) you can set up your company electronically using the USP start-up account (USP-Gründungskonto) on the Business Service Portal. All you need is a mobile phone signature or a citizen's card (Bürgerkarte).

You find full details of how to set up a company electronically on the Business Service Portal.

Create a start-up account ("Gründungskonto") directly on the Business Service Portal

If you are not interested in making use of the full range of services on the Business Service Portal, but only wish to send electronic invoices to the Federal Government, you can also only register for the Service "E-Rechnung".
This option is primarily intended for non-commercial companies ("new self- employed").
All you need is a mobile phone signature or a citizen's card (Bürgerkarte).

You can find full details of how to invoice the Federal Government using the electronic invoicing system here.

Create an e-invoicing account ("e-Rechnungskonto") directly on the Business Service Portal

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