Notifying the tax office

General Information

The tax office must be informed if a business activity ceases, regardless of the reason.

Please note

These rules apply to all entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

Please note

If a business closes due to insolvency, the tax office is notified by the court or the administratorGerman text (reorganisation administrator).

Enterprises Affected

Incorporated companies and registered partnerships


Cessation of trading activities


Within a month of ceasing to trade.

Competent authority

The tax officeGerman text must be informed that bodies and partnerships without separate legal personality (for example general partnerships, limited partnerships and civil law partnerships) have ceased to trade.


Entrepreneurs registered with the USP can use FinanzOnline and many other online services simply by logging in to the Portal. Further information about registering can be found in the online guide to registering with the USPGerman text.

Required documents

  • informal letter or
  • form Verf25 (questionnaire on the cessation of a commercial or professional activity)
  • On the death of a shareholder or partner – however, only if the company closes as a result – also:

The required documents can be submitted in person, by post or fax, or on FinanzOnline.

Costs and fees

No fees or charges are payable.

Further information

After the death of a shareholder, the company continues to exist, but the composition of the shareholders changes. Form Verf60 (procedure to determine income under Section 188 of the BAO/participant administration) must be completed to report this change. If the remaining shareholders decide to dissolve the company, they must present the documents referred to above. If the company is a legal entity, it does not usually change on the death of one of its shareholders.

Please note

Any outstanding tax must still be paid to the tax office. When the outstanding tax has been paid, the tax office issues registered companies with a clearance certificateGerman text which must be presented to remove the company from the companies register.

The tax office will repay any credit balance.

Further links

Legal bases

Körperschaftssteuergesetz 1988

Expert Information

If a corporation is dissolved and wound up, the surplus upon liquidation is subject to tax. The surplus upon liquidation is the gain realised during the winding-up resulting from comparing the final liquidation assets and the initial liquidation assets. The tax period may not exceed 3 years (5 years for liquidations in insolvency proceedings).

For the dissolution of partnerships without a legal personality, or for withdrawal of a shareholder, hidden reserves are also to be disclosed, and gains on cessation are taxable. Under certain conditions, tax advantages are available.

Link to form

FinanzOnline (→ BMF)

  • Form Verf25German text (questionnaire on the cessation of a commercial or professional activity)
  • Form Verf60German text (procedure to determine income under Section 188 of the BAO/participant administration)

Authentication and signature

Means of redress or appeal

Not applicable

Assistance and problem-solving services

There are no assistance or problem-solving services.

Further Servicepoints

Tax Ombudsman of the Federal Ministry of Finance (→ text

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