Checking of certain groups of people

General Information

The governor regularly checks original producers of hazardous waste (with the exception of problematic waste) and waste collectors and waste processors.

Please note

The competent body also checks the accuracy of the master data entered in the register when doing so.

Enterprises Affected

  • Original waste producers 
  • Waste processors


In general, these rules also apply for traders from EU Member States that have their registered office in Austria or who work in Austria as waste collectors or waste handlers.


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Collectors and processors of hazardous waste and processing facilities for hazardous waste are checked at least once every five years. The remaining people are regularly checked at appropriate intervals. There are special regulations for IPPC facilities and Seveso companies. You will find information on environmental inspections on the EDM portal.

Competent authority

The → governorGerman text

Please note

The governor can entrust the district administrative authority with checking the processing facilities.


There is no specific procedure to be observed.

Required documents

As a rule, the records on waste must be presented.

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Legal bases

Section 75 of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002 (AWG 2002)

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