Hazardous chemicals

Up-to-date information on hazardous chemicals, classification, packaging and labelling obligations, certificate for the purchase of toxic substances, reporting obligations, etc.

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Consumers want the confidence of knowing that the clothing they own is kind to their skin, non-carcinogenic and does not pose a risk to pregnancy.

Entrepreneurs want the confidence of knowing that their products are neither toxic to humans nor have ecotoxicological properties and thus pose no risk to their customers, employees or the environment.

Companies produce consumer goods or trade in goods. There is extensive legislation regulating the way in which companies should handle chemicals. Chemical manufacturers, importers, users or processing companies are subject to certain obligations arising from chemicals legislation.


These rules apply to all natural and legal persons who place or make chemicals available on the market or use chemicals in Austria.

Chemicals are regulated within the EU by the REACH and CLP Regulation:

  • REACH stands for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals
  • CLP stands for the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures

Entrepreneurs have further legal requirements concerning biocides, trading in toxic substances, poison control officers, fluorinated greenhouse gases, the Halon Bank, chemical leasing, bans on chemicals, and nanomaterials.

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