Safety measures

General information

If there is a danger to human life or health or the environment, the authority that is responsible for monitoring (the federal government or a federal state) will order necessary measures to eliminate that danger. The danger results from dangerous substances, dangerous mixtures or dangerous finished goods. These necessary measures include an obligation to recall chemicals that have already been sold or to publish recall notices.

The measures listed above will also be ordered if the classification, packaging or labelling gives a false impression of the danger posed by substances, mixtures or finished goods. The necessary measures will also have to be taken if such labelling is missing. The authority is informed by way of a notice.

In the event of imminent danger, the authority will take the necessary measures even without said notice. The measures taken will be automatically cancelled if no written notice is received within two weeks.


These rules apply to all natural and legal persons who place or make the chemicals in question available on the market in Austria or use said chemicals in Austria.

Legal bases

Section 70 of the Chemikaliengesetz 1996 (ChemG 1996)

Expert information

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Last update: 24 February 2023

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