HGV driving ban due to fine particle emissions


These rules apply to all drivers in Austria.

The Immissionsschutzgesetz-Luft (IG-L) places an obligation on state governors to implement measures to improve air quality whenever certain air pollutant values exceed pre-determined thresholds (for example when the maximum number of days with high levels of fine particulate matter is exceeded). Where these thresholds have been exceeded, HGV driving bans have been issued for certain regions of several federal states in Austria.

Depending on the rules imposed, HGV driving bans may concern heavy goods vehicles or articulated lorries of various emissions classes (e.g. EURO-0, EURO-I, EURO-II). In accordance with the relevant provisions in federal state law, the driving ban will either apply to vehicles in all weight classes, or only to vehicles in certain weight classes (e.g. above 7.5 tonnes maximum gross vehicle weight).


Emissions stickers:
It is stipulated in several federal states’ legislation that all heavy-duty vehicles to which a driving ban does not apply, but which are used within an area affected by that driving ban, must display an emissions class sticker. These stickers can be obtained from garages and motorists’ associations, for example. It is recommended to ask for the sticker to be applied during the vehicle’s section 57a inspection ('Pickerl' inspection).

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