Parental leave and parental part-time work

Up-to-date information about parental leave and parental part-time work, notification, protection against dismissal and termination of employment, work during unpaid leave, reintegration, etc.

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Mothers/fathers who are employees have an entitlement to parental leave up to the child's second birthday, provided they live in the same household as the child. As a rule, it is not permitted for both parents to claim parental leave at the same time. The minimum duration of unpaid parental leave is two months.


The duration of the entitlement to parental leave does not need to match the duration of the entitlement to childcare allowance.

More detailed information on "childcare allowance (" is available at

Furthermore, mothers/fathers have the option of reducing their working hours ("parental part-time work"). This is possible irrespective of whether parental leave has been claimed previously.

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