Equal treatment

Current information on equal treatment, the principle of equal treatment, discrimination, legal consequences, etc.

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The principle of equal treatment also applies to employment relationships.

The employer is not only required to prevent all unequal treatment of employees, they must also take all reasonable measures to prevent discrimination by third parties, such as colleagues or customers. This obligation commonly applies to sexual harassment.

Employees who wish to enforce their right to equal treatment (→ oesterreich.gv.at)German text must not be disadvantaged as a result of that wish. This also applies to witnesses.

Homeworkers and employee-like persons are also covered in addition to employees.

Please note

According to federal support guidelines, funding may only be granted to companies that are compliant with the Gleichbehandlungsgesetz.

The Gleichbehandlungsgesetz lists various forms of discrimination and requires companies above a certain size to prepare an income report.

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