Registering employees

General Information

Employers must register every person subject to compulsory insurance under the Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz (ASVG) with the relevant health insurance provider (→ Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions)German text without being requested to do so. This applies both to businesses using the payroll process and those using the prescribed contribution process.

Enterprises Affected

All employers


  • the employer must have a contribution account number
  • the insured person must have an insurance number, or this must have been requested by the time of registration


Employers must register all employees (both fully and partially insured) with the relevant health insurance provider.

If ‘on-the-spot registration’ is allowed, an electronic application must be submitted within seven days of the start of statutory insurance.

Competent authority

They must be registered with the relevant health insurance provider (→ Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions)German text.


The application for registration is only valid if it is sent to the health insurance provider via ELDA (→ ÖGK)German text (electronic data exchange with Austrian social insurance providers) in the standard format specified by the Association of Austrian Insurance Providers.

The following information must be provided:

  • employer’s data (contribution account number, etc.)
  • name of employee
  • insurance number or date of birth of the person concerned
  • employment start date
  • level of insurance cover (full or partial)
  • employment sector (manual worker, white-collar worker, etc.)
  • occupational pension plan start date
  • whether there is a service contract 

Applications submitted in other ways, particularly in paper form, by email or by telephone, are not acceptable.

Exception: in the event of unsuitability (e.g. lack of computer equipment) or a major data transmission outage, ‘on-the-spot registration’ can be submitted by fax or telephone at the ELDA Competence Centre. The Centre can be contacted on:

Telephone: 05 0766 1460
Fax: 05 0766 1461

Please note

A separate registration process using ELDA exists for casual employees; alternatively, this can also take place by telephone or fax or using payroll software or the ELDA app if the above conditions are met. For these workers, registration must be done for each day of employment.

Required documents

No specific documents are required.

Costs and fees

There are no costs.

Further information

Specific requirement: The employee must be given a copy of the full application immediately.

Penalties: An infringement of the registration requirements may be penalised by an additional charge on the contribution or a late registration fine. The District Administrative Authority may impose administrative penalties for offences.

Cancellation: An application submitted in error, for example because the position was unexpectedly not taken up, or another health insurance provider is responsible, must be cancelled.

Further links

Legal bases

sections 33 and 41 of the Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz (ASVG)

Expert Information

There is no expert information available.

Link to form

The electronic forms required are integrated into ELDA (→ ÖGK)German text or your payroll accounts software.

Authentication and signature

Entrepreneurs registered with the Business Service Portal (USP) can use ELDA (→ ÖGK)German text and many other online systemsGerman text simply by logging in to the portal. Further information about registering can be found in the guide to registering with the Business Service Portal USP (→ BMDW)German text. One-stop registration with the Business Service Portal USP provides a single point of access to various social insurance services; this is explained in a short film (→ YouTube)German text.

A fax template is available for on-site applications, which can be given to the employees making the applications.

Means of redress or appeal

Not applicable

Assistance and problem-solving services

There are no auxiliary or problemsolving services available.

Further service points
ELDA Competence Center (→ ÖGK)

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Last update: 19 April 2021

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