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Hazardous Waste – Waybill Notification

General Information

For each takeover of hazardous waste subject to the provision of a waybill (Begleitschein) by a different legal person, the waybill data have to be reported to the Provincial Governor electronically, by way of the EDM Register, (→ BMK)German text, within six weeks.

Entrepreneurs registered in the Business Service Portal USP can use EDMGerman text and many other online proceduresGerman text with one single logging into the USP. More detailed information on the registration in the USP is available in the online guidance on USP registrationGerman text.

Please note

For problematic substances, there is no obligation to provide a waybill. Problematic substances are hazardous wastes generated in private households or comparable establishments – as long as they are held by the original waste producer. Also hazardous waste from companies may be regarded as problematic substances if they are, in terms of type and quantity, comparable to hazardous waste generated in private households. Hazardous wastes can constitute problematic substances only as long as they are held by the original waste producer. Also the transfer of hazardous waste by private households is not subject to the obligation to provide a waybill.

Enterprises Affected

Persons taking over hazardous waste.


The takeover of hazardous waste by a different legal person


The person taking over the hazardous waste must by way of the EDM Register, (→ BMK)German text electronically report the waybill data to the Provincial Governor within six weeks following the takeover of the hazardous waste.

Competent Authority

The Provincial Governor (notification by way of the Register at → (→ BMK)German text)


The person taking over the waste has to report the waybill data (respectively the waybill) to the competent body. Since 1 January 2014 this has been possible only electronically, by way of the waybill data register in the EDM system (www.edm.gv.atGerman text).


Complete information on the electronic waybill notification is available on (→ BMK) German text.

Documents Required

No documents are required for the electronic notification.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.

Legal Basis

Expert Information

No expert information is available.

last update: 22 February 2021

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