Fixed-term employment relationships

General information

Employment relationships that have been concluded for a fixed term (fixed-term employment relationships) end at the end of the term. The parties to the contract for services are essentially free to enter into a fixed-term employment relationship.


Repeatedly stringing together fixed-term employment relationships ("chain employment relationships") leads to a permanent employment relationship if no objective reason exists for this repeated use of fixed-term contracts.

These rules apply to all citizens and entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

If an employment relationship is concluded for a defined period of time, the end of the employment relationship must be indicated in the notice of employment.

Information obligation

The employer must inform employees with fixed-term employment relationships of permanent employment relationships that become available in the undertaking or establishment. The information can be published via a general announcement at an appropriate place in the undertaking or enterprise that is easily accessible to employees.

Enterprises affected

Undertakings that conclude fixed-term employment relationships.

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