Cancelling the registration of employees

General information

The sole proprietor must contact the relevant health insurance provider ( SV)German text, without being requested to do so, to cancel the registration of anyone whose mandatory insurance under the Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz (ASVG) is ending.

Enterprises affected

all employers


An ongoing statutory insurance relationship or an obligation to pay contributions under the BMSVG must exist.


The registration of these employees must be cancelled with seven days of the end of the mandatory insurance.

Competent authority

The relevant health insurance provider ( SV)German text must be contacted to cancel the registration.


Cancellation is only valid if it is sent to the health insurance provider via ELDA ( ÖGK)German text
in the standard format specified by the Association of Austrian Insurance Providers.

The deregistration notice must give the end dates of the entitlement to pay and of the employment relationship under employment law. Only the end of the entitlement to pay needs to be given where the entitlement to pay is ending, but the employment relationship under employment law remains
(e.g. maternity leave, military service).

If both redundancy pay and annual leave compensation are due, deregistration must show the period of redundancy pay before the period of annual leave compensation. The end date of the entitlement to pay must always be the same as the date when statutory insurance ends.

The reason for deregistration must be provided. Applications submitted in other ways, particularly in paper form, by email or by telephone, are not acceptable.

Applications sent by natural persons from private households (the employer in need of care, for example, makes a change notification to the social insurance for the caregiver working for her at her flat) by methods other than data transmission are valid:

  • in the event of unsuitability (e.g. lack of computer equipment) or if
  • it can be proved that it was technically impossible to submit an application for a considerable period of time due to the failure of an essential element of the data transmission system (PC, screen, keyboard, cables etc.) for reasons beyond their control, and they were therefore unable to meet the deadline.

Required documents

No specific documents are required.

Costs and fees

There are no fees and charges payable.

Further information

The employee must be given a copy of the cancellation immediately.

An infringement of the registration requirements may be penalised by an additional charge on the contribution or a late registration fine. The District Administrative Authority may impose administrative penalties for offences.

Legal bases

Link to form

The electronic forms required are integrated into ELDA ( ÖGK)German text or your payroll accounts software.

Authentication and signature

Entrepreneurs registered with the Business Service Portal USP can use ELDA ( ÖGK)German text and many other online systemsGerman text simply by logging in to the portal. Further information about registering can be found in the guide to registering with the Business Service Portal USP ( BMF)German text.

Assistance and problem-solving services

ELDA Competence Center ( ÖGK)

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Last update: 1 January 2024

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