Information on the effects of the war in Ukraine

Up-to-date information for businesses on economic restrictions, sanctions, entry, employees, etc.

The Austrian Business Agency (ABA) provides information in English on entry, residence and access to the labour market ( ABA) for workers from abroad.


There is an increased danger in cyberspace. Businesses should raise awareness among their workforce and review their cybersecurity systems.

Economic restrictions and sanctions

The European Union has issued sanctions ( BMAW) banning the import and export of certain goods and technologies to Russia and Belarus as well as business relations to certain individuals. The European Commission provides Information for customs authorities, importers and exporters ( EC) in English. The Federal Ministry of Finance provides information regarding the SWIFT block ( BMF).

The Ministry for Labour and Economy (BMAW) answers the most frequently asked questions about the sanctions ( BMAW) in German. The Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) also provides information on the current status of the sanctions ( WKO) in German.

General information on export credit insurance and embargoes can be found on USP.


The WKO provides detailed information in German on economic restrictions and labour law on the page "Ukraine/Russland/Belarus: Infos und FAQ für Unternehmen" ( WKO).

Temporary right of residence and employment in Austria

The temporary right of residence ( for people displaced from Ukraine was extended until 4 March 2025. Since 21 April 2023, these persons have free access to the labour market and don't need an employment permit. Current information on the labour market in English and Ukrainian is available on the website of AMS.

Further Information in German on the employment of third-country nationals who do not have a temporary right of residence can be found on USP.

There are no COVID-19 entry restrictions for persons entering Austria due to armed conflicts.


Companies can write off aid in cash or in kind that they provide in connection with acute disasters at home or abroad as business expenses for tax purposes. More information on the tax treatment of aid can be found on USP.

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