Authorisation of the work performed by outside workers exposed to radiation

General information

According to section 77 of the Strahlenschutzgesetz (Radiation Protection Act – StrSchG), the work performed by outside workers requires authorisation.

Workers are considered so-called "outside workers"

  • if they do not carry out work in their own company,
  • but in other companies in controlled or supervised areas
    (but not activities in accordance with section 3 (73) of the StrSchG
  • and are classified as exposed workers.

In such cases, both companies are responsible for protecting workers. The StrSchG stipulates that outside workers must receive the same protection as other workers exposed to radiation. This is particularly true with regard to dose assessment.

There are also additional regulations such as holding a radiation protection passport for outside workers who work abroad. According to section 81 of the StrSchG, every person who works as an outside worker abroad needs an officially registered and up-to-date radiation protection passport. The authorisation holder must apply for and maintain radiation protection passports for outside workers. She/he is also obliged to report the data from the dose assessment to the Central Dose Register [Zentrales Dosisregister].

Enterprises affected

Companies that employ or want to employ outside workers


  • The prerequisite for issuing a permit is that the intended practice is justified.
  • In addition, there should be no concerns about the reliability of the applicant or, in the case of a legal entity, of the authorised representatives.

Competent authority

The provincial governor


The application for authorisation must contain a description of the work envisaged, indicating in particular the exposures to be expected from the work in question.

The approval often contains conditions and requirements that are intended to ensure adequate radiation protection.

The work performed by outside workers shall be inspected by the competent authority at least every three years. The competent authority may also carry out inspections at any time.

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Last update: 1 January 2024

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