My Business Service Portal ("Mein USP") Information about "Mein USP" and how to register

Mein USP

Your "Mein USP" account gives you access to the following features:

Business Service Portal services

  • My mailbox - digital mailbox for deliveries of official documents
  • e-Invoices - electronic invoicing to the Austrian Public Sector

Administrative services

You can use your single-sign-on Business Service Portal account to access more than 90 government services quickly and easily, while the highly-secure system keeps your data safe and sound. No personal data is ever saved on the Business Service Portal. All such data is taken from official registers, and is only ever used temporarily for verification purposes.

Assigning rights and authorisations

Access to most services on the Business Services Portal is controlled. These services can only be used if the system knows which company is attempting to access them. When you set up your account, the role of "USP-Administrator (Business Service Portal Administrator)" will be assigned to a specific individual. Once the account is active, the administrator can assign additional roles and authorisations to themselves or to colleagues to make sure they have access to the government services they need.

Please note

"Mein USP" services are only available to existing companies and associations. If you are just setting out on your journey as an entrepreneur, take a look at our services for setting up a new company.

Initial Registration on My Business Service Portal ("Mein USP")

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