Mobile waste treatment facilities – Authorisation procedure

General information

The following mobile waste treatment facilities have to be authorised by the competent authority:

  • Facilities for the treatment of waste electrical or electronic equipment or of parts of waste electrical or electronic equipment
  • Facilities for the treatment of end-of-life vehicles or of parts of end-of-life vehicles
  • Shredding/size-reduction facilities for certain woody wastes (e.g. particleboard waste)
  • Crushing facilities for certain mineral construction and demolition wastes (e.g. track ballast, bitumen, asphalt)
  • Shredding/size-reduction facilities for waste
  • Facilities serving the incineration or co-incineration of waste, including pyrolysis and gasification
  • Screening systems
  • Classifying systems
  • Other facilities for the treatment of hazardous waste

Enterprises affected

Enterprises operating mobile waste treatment facilities


In good time prior to the establishment or operation of, or major change to, the facilities

Competent authority

The waste management authority which is locally in charge of the site:

  • The Provincial GovernorGerman text
  • The Provincial Governor may delegate procedures and supervision to the district administrative authority (Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde)

Please note

The Provincial Governor locally in charge is the one in whose Federal Province the applicant (holder of the mobile treatment facilities) is based. If the applicant's enterprise is not based in the federal territory, competence rests with the Provincial Governor in whose Federal Province the mobile treatment facilities are first to be established and operated.


There is no special procedure to be followed.

Required documents

The following has to be enclosed with the application for authorisation in four copies:

  • Information about the type, purpose and scope of the planned treatment
  • Information about the types of waste to be treated and the treatment methods
  • General criteria for the erection sites
  • Description of the facilities, including the required designs and drawings
  • Description of the anticipated wastes that will accumulate during the operation of the treatment facilities and of the measures for their prevention, recovery or disposal
  • Description of the anticipated emissions and information about the prevention or, if this is not possible, the reduction of emissions

Costs and fees

Costs depend on the various ordinances on levies and fees. It advisable to ask the competent body in advance.

Further information

If necessary, the authority has to provide for suitable rules and regulations, terms and conditions, or deadlines to ensure compliance with the following requirements:

  • Human life and health are not threatened
  • Emissions of pollutants are in every case limited in accordance with the state of the art
  • Neighbours are not troubled by noise, odour, smoke, dust, vibrations or in any other unacceptable way
  • The property and other material rights of the neighbours are not threatened (threat to property does not mean the possibility of a mere loss in market value)
  • Unavoidable wastes accumulated during the operation of the treatment facilities are recovered in accordance with the state of the art or – if this is not economically acceptable – duly disposed of
  • Other public interests of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz (Waste Management Act – AWG) are taken into account
  • Treatment obligations are complied with

In addition, the authority must impose basic requirements for potential sites with consideration for their surroundings and the expected emissions, and the measures to protect any neighbours.

Please note

If the requirements are not fulfilled and cannot be fulfilled by imposing rules and regulations, terms and conditions or time limits, the authority must reject the application.

Legal bases

Last update: 18 January 2024

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