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These rules apply to all traders from EU Member States in Austria. More information on the principle of mutual recognition of goods can be obtained from Product Information Point and at

Standards (→ are accessible to all. All national and European standards (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI), international standards (ISO, IEC, ITU), foreign standards and regulations (e.g. DIN, BS, ASTM) are available from Austrian Standards.

The following tools are available for finding the standard you are looking for as well as any other type of regulation, database, reference work, literature or software:

  • Online shop ( Austrian Standards)
    It is possible to search directly for all ÖNORM standards in the webshop. This can be done by number, technical field or search term. The desired document can be ordered online or downloaded directly to the computer (registration required).
  • Austrian Standards Support Center (→ Austrian Standards)
    In addition, it is possible to order standards from the Customer Care Center (by telephone or in person).
  • Standards by technical field ( Austrian Standards)
    The subscription service allows companies to ensure their in-house collection of standards remains up to date. Subscriptions include ÖNORM standards, ÖVE/ÖNORM standards and ONR standards. Newly published standards from the selected technical field will be sent to subscribers automatically.
  • Update service ( Austrian Standards)
    So that companies can rest assured that their standards are always up to date, Austrian Standards offers a range of update services, including online standard management such as effects 2.0. ( Austrian Standards)
  • "meinNormenRadar" ( Austrian Standards)
    The online tool "meinNormenRadar" provides a visual overview of the development and life cycle of standards. It is possible to view their current status here, allowing companies to obtain timely information about upcoming changes and to gain an insight into previous development stages.
  • Technical literature ( Austrian Standards)
    In order to facilitate the use of standards in practice, Austrian Standards also offers specialist technical literature with commentaries and explanations, as well as EDP programmes.
  • Training and education ( Austrian Standards)
    Seminars, lectures and courses help people to apply standards in everyday practice and allow them to gain additional professional qualifications. Information is provided on individual standards, technical standardisation fields or even business management.

Please note

In total, "Austrian Standards" online databases include over 260,000 standards and regulations (documents from Austria and abroad). In addition to the ÖNORM standards, the online shop ( Austrian Standards) also has a number of search, ordering and download options for international standards (ISO), German standards (DIN), and electrical engineering standards (ÖVE and IEC documents). Upon request, the staff at Austrian Standards can supply standards and regulations from all over the world.

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Last update: 1 January 2024

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