Hazardous chemicals – Classification, packaging, labelling obligations, date of classification

General information

Anyone who manufactures, imports or otherwise distributes dangerous substances and mixtures in Austria is required to inform his/herself of the dangerous properties of those products.

Using that information, entrepreneurs are required to classify, label and package the products that they market in accordance with their dangerous properties. These obligations serve the purpose of ensuring that users of these products are aware of the dangers they pose.

They are also obliged to provide data and information required to establish compliance with these provisions to the chemical inspectors of the federal states.

Harmonised information for emergency health care

In addition, importers and downstream users are required to provide information for medical information, especially in emergencies, before placing on the market mixtures that are to be classified as hazardous due to their health or physical effects.

In case of mixtures for consumer or commercial use, a harmonised notification to the PCN data bank of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) via is foreseen. In addtion, an unique formulation identifier (UFI) shall be afixed to the container.

Enterprises affected

These rules apply to all natural and legal persons who place or make dangerous substances and mixtures available on the market in Austria or use them in Austria.

Competent authority

Required documents

Test data and test results

Further information

More detailed regulations on the UFI (including labelling) can be found in paragraph 25 (7), paragraph 29 and Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation (section 54 Chemikaliengesetz, paragraph 45 in conjunction with Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation).

You can obtain information on REACH and CLP from the Austrian REACH helpdesk ( REACH Helpdesk).

Legal bases

Expert information

Classification and labelling register for chemical substances ( ECHA)

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