Hazardous chemicals – Safety data sheet

General information

Suppliers of hazardous substances or mixtures shall provide the recipient of such substances or mixtures with a safety data sheet. The safety data sheet must be provided free of charge, no later than when the substance or the mixture is first supplied. It can be provided on paper or electronically. The safety data sheet shall be supplied in German language. It shall be dated and shall contain the following headings:

  1. identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking;
  2. hazards identification;
  3. composition/information on ingredients;
  4. first-aid measures;
  5. fire-fighting measures;
  6. accidental release measures;
  7. handling and storage;
  8. exposure controls/personal protection;
  9. physical and chemical properties;
  10. stability and reactivity;
  11. toxicological information;
  12. ecological information;
  13. disposal considerations;
  14. transport information;
  15. regulatory information;
  16. other information.

Safety data sheets had to be sent to the Environment Agency Austria and the Austrian Poison Center by the end of 2020 if hazardous mixtures were placed on the market by manufacturing or importing companies in Austria.

From the application dates stated in Annex VIII Part A No. 1 to CLP Regulation, importers and downstream users who place hazardous mixtures on the market in accordance with Article 45 CLP Regulation in conjunction with Annex VIII must notify the information required under Annex VIII to CLP Regulation beforehand to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Please note the transitional periods for industrial uses currently in force and the required updates for notifications until the end of 2024.

Enterprises affected

These regulations apply to all natural and legal persons who place hazardous chemicals on the market or use them.

Competent authority

Environment Agency Austria

Legal bases

Expert information

Chemical policy and biocide ( BMK)German text

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Last update: 15 January 2024

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