Emissions stickers for lorries

General information

In a bid to improve air quality, some federal states have put in place driving bans due to particulate matter

  • for lorries and articulated lorries belonging to various emissions classes (mostly ‘Euro 2’ and below) 
  • and in some cases, this is irrespective of weight.

Certain vehicle classes (commercial road vehicles) are not affected by a driving ban due to their classification in an exhaust gas class. However, federal state regulations may stipulate that these may nevertheless only drive in a redevelopment area (Sanierungsgebiet) – driving ban zone – if they display this emission sticker. This sticker must be affixed to the vehicle by an authorized assessment body.

Currently, emissions stickers are compulsory in redevelopment areas in the following federal states:

  • Burgenland
  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria
  • Styria
  • Upper Austria
  • Tyrol

Temporary exemptions for travelling through redevelopment areas can be granted by the relevant district authorityGerman text or from Vienna municipal department 46 (MA 46) ( Stadt Wien)German text.

If you drive in a driving ban zone with the wrong sticker or without an emissions sticker where it is compulsory to have one, you are in breach of the driving ban, and may be liable to an administrative penalty.

Enterprises affected

Vehicle owners (often transport companies)


Further information on the driving bans on lorries due to particulate matter can be found at USP.gv.at. Interested parties can find out which stickers are needed for a particular vehicle, without any legal obligation, using an application on the AKKP portal ( AKKP portal)German text.

Detailed information on the vehicles ( ÖAMTC)German text affected by the driving ban and/or the obligation to display an emissions sticker in the various federal states can also be found on the website ÖAMTC.


There are no specific deadlines to observe.

Competent authority

Assessment bodies authorised by the state governor (Landeshauptmann), for example:

  • Associations such as motorists’ clubs (e.g. ARBÖGerman text, ÖAMTCGerman text)
  • Businesses (e.g. garages)
  • Civil engineers
  • Technical/engineering firms

Lists of assessment bodies ( AKKP)German text that sell emissions stickers can be found on the AKKP portal.


Relevant information is provided by the appropriate assessment body or can be found on the AKKP portalGerman text. Generally, the procedure is as follows:

  • The vehicle owner sends photocopies or scanned versions of the lorry registration documents (and additional documents if necessary) by post or, depending on the assessment body, by email.
  • The vehicle owner indicates on the registration document or on a list whether the vehicle in question is equipped with a particle filter.
  • The assessment body usually issues an ‘open invoice’, which must be paid in advance.
  • The assessment body produces a sticker in the colour of the emissions class, with individual perforations for the lorry (the last six digits of the vehicle identification number, vehicle class and drive type).
  • The finished stickers for lorries over 3.5 tonnes can then be collected. Alternatively, they may also be posted by assessment bodies – usually for a fee. Vehicle owners can affix the sticker themselves.
  • The stickers for lorries under 3.5 tonnes must be affixed to the vehicle directly by an employee of the issuing body.
  • The assessment body must also supply a written and signed confirmation for the vehicle owner.

Required documents

  • vehicle registration document

The following authorisation documents (as copies) or information may also be required:

  • type-approval certificate
  • single approval
  • certificate of authorisation
  • data extract from the authorisation database
  • CEMT permit
  • Certificates of Conformity (COC) proving the emissions class
  • date of first registration (using the AKKP portal)

Costs and fees

The emissions sticker costs 2.50 Euro as a one-off payment. Additional costs must be paid for classification in the emissions class and affixing on the windscreen by the garage.

Check with the relevant assessment body for details.

Further information

It is recommended that the sticker be affixed during the section 57a assessment (Pickerl) ( oesterreich.gv.at).

Stickers from abroad are not valid in Austria.

Online guide and calculator

Lorry driving ban ( WKO)German text

Further information

Legal bases

Redevelopment areas and driving bans in the federal states

Link to form

Assistance and problem-solving services

There are no assistance or problem-solving services.

Further service points

Legal advice from ÖAMTCGerman text and ARBÖGerman text

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Last update: 10 May 2024

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