Logistics financial assistance

General information

With logistics financial assistance 2024-2028 the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology is supporting the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable logistics concepts.

The focus is on the following areas:

  • Supply chain optimisation and an integrative approach to supply chains
  • Due diligence obligations and sustainability reporting by companies
  • Electronic freight transport information (eFTI) and paperless logistics
  • Supply chain cyber risk management (SCCRM)
  • Optimisation of energy as a production factor
  • Conservation of space and land resources
  • Urban design spaces - "Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning" (SULP)
  • Elimination of labour shortages and qualification measures
  • Reducing resource consumption, waste and emissions
  • Animal welfare

Financial assistance  are provided for feasibility studies lasting for no more than one year as well as implementation pilots and implementation support lasting for no more than three years. The grant support covers a maximum of 70 per cent and the maximum grant level is 350,000 euros.

The focus of the grant support is on the (pilot-like) implementation of innovative logistics concepts for all transport carriers with public sector involvement. The purpose of these concepts is to improve the competitive position of the Austrian goods transport and logistics sector, to increase the attractiveness of certain locations, and to ensure social and environmental sustainability

Applicants for grant assistance

The following are eligible to apply

  • legal entities,
  • registered partnerships and
  • natural persons.


In general, these rules apply to all entrepreneurs from EU Member States in Austria.

Processing body for grant assistance

Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH ( SCHIG mbH) [Rail Infrastructure Service Provision Company]German text

Before submission, a consultation with representatives from the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and SCHIG mbH is mandatory. Submissions to SCHIG mbH can be made any time within the period from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2028.

The complete grant assistance applications must be sent electronically to SCHIG mbH at logistik@schig.com:

  • Application form requesting grant assistance (includes performance plan, cost planning, a schedule, and a funding plan)
  • Cost estimate calculation sheet for project costs
  • Company register extract (not older than six months)
  • Other proof of business operations (not older than six months) if the funding amount applied for is over EUR 100,000 (for example business licence, audited annual financial statements)
  • Any other project-specific documents

Payment is generally made after the end of the project period; for projects lasting for more than one year, an annual payment may be made upon submission of appropriate interim reports. For feasibility studies, the project duration must be limited to one year, while for implementation, the duration must be limited to three years.

Legal basis

Sonderrichtlinie Logistikförderung


Forms, submission documents and request for proposal guidelines ( SCHIG mbH)German text

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