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In accordance with the principle of mutual recognition of goods, EU Member States are not permitted to prohibit the sale on their territory of goods not covered by Union harmonisation legislation if they have already been lawfully marketed in another Member State.

This also applies if the goods were manufactured in accordance with technical rules other than for example those in force in Austria. Exceptions to this principle are only justified by overriding reasons of general interest (e.g. public safety, health protection).

Product Contact Points have thus been set up in all EU Member States to act as points of contact for economic actors (e.g. manufacturing companies), and to liaise between them and the national authorities. Queries can be addressed to the Product Contact Points free of charge and should be answered within 15 days.

Austrian Product Contact Points provide information on the following in particular:

  • technical rules applicable in Austria;
  • the EU principle of mutual recognition of goods and its implementation in Austria;
  • the competent authorities in Austria (including contact information). The competent authority determines whether such goods or goods have been lawfully marketed in another Member State (assessment of goods);
  • legal remedies available in Austria in the event of disputes between public authorities and businesses.


Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy

Department for Public Relations:

Special Product Contact Point for Construction Products

There is a separate Product Contact Point for construction products: Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering ( OIB) German Text

Competent authorities

Product Institution Contact
General questions and products that don’t belong to the product types listed below BMAW-Service Center


Electrical equipment for use with a voltage rating of less than 50 or more than 1000 V AC and less than 75 or more than 1500 V DC, safety aspects of electricity meters, household plugs and receptacles, power supply equipment for electric livestock fences, with the exception of electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, electro-medical equipment and radio systems and telecommunications terminal equipment as well as electrically powered machinery

Housings for high-voltage circuit breakers, vacuum containers BMAW VI/A/2
Measuring instruments used in metrology as regulated by law



Prepackagin BEV
Small firearms BMAW IV/3
Foods BMSGPK III/B/16a amire.mahmood@
Food supplements BMSGPK III/B/16a amire.mahmood@
Articles of daily use BMSGPK III/B/14
Cosmetic products BMSGPK III/B/14
Tobacco AGES
Precious metals and marking BMF III/6
Fertilisers BAES
Soil additives BAES
Culture substrates BAES
Plant additives BAES
Motor vehicles and trailers BMK/St5
Furniture BMSGPK, Abt. III/2 produktsicherheit@
Textiles BMSGPK, Abt. III/2

Problem-solving procedure ‘SOLVIT’

In the case of difficulties in the recognition of goods, economic actors may use the European Commission’s problem-solving procedure ‘SOLVIT’ free of charge.

In Austria, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) is the official SOLVIT contact point .German Textfor businesses.

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Legal basis

Regulation on the mutual recognition of goods

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