Product certification

Product certification confirms the conformity of products with certain requirements set out in standards, legislation and regulations.


These rules apply to all traders from EU Member States in Austria. More information on the principle of mutual recognition of goods can be obtained from Product Information Point at

Austrian Standards

Austrian Standards is the state-authorised organisation for the development and publication of national (Austrian) standards. The Austrian Standards certification body offers:

  • product certification (ÖNORM-certified, CE marking); and
  • certification of persons, services and compliance.

'ÖNORM-CERTIFIED' is a certification system for products managed by Austrian Standards.

Further information about the certification body can be found on the Austrian Standards website.

Association of Austrian Electrical Engineering Companies (OVE)

The ÖVE is the nationally and internationally accredited certification and inspection body for electrical products, processes and systems. It is responsible for:

  • accreditation and conformity symbols;
  • inational certification;
  • international certification;
  • factory inspections/manufacturing surveillance;
  • CE marking.

Further information about the certification body can be found on the OVE website.

Other certification bodies for products include:

A list of notified bodies in Austria, that are able to perform an EU conformity assessment for certain products is available on the NANDO website.

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