You will be informed by email when electronic messages are sent to you in My Mailbox. In the "Notifications" section, you can make the necessary settings.

Here you can see a table showing all the email addresses which you have provided for notifications. At least one email address must be activated. If you provide and activate more than one email address here, you will receive the notifications sent to all those email addresses.

In the section below, you can select the language for the notification emails. At least one language must be selected.

In the consolidated notification section, you can specify whether, for messages not requiring proof of delivery, you want to receive a consolidated notification. If you choose that option, then once a day you will receive a consolidated notification about all the messages not requiring proof of delivery that have been received that day. Regardless of this setting, you will always receive separate notification when messages requiring proof of delivery arrive.

The last part of the "Notifications" section shows whether you have activated the push notification feature in the "Digitales Amt" app. If you have activated this feature, you will be informed about a new message in My Mailbox via push notification on your smartphone in addition to the notification by email. Activation and deactivation of this feature is only possible via the "Digitales Amt" app.
If you have selected the consolidated notification option, you will receive a push notification immediately for each message not requiring proof of delivery and not consolidated once a day.