List of messages

The list of messages occupies most of the "My Mailbox" screen and displays all the read and unread electronic messages which are in the folder you have currently selected and which meet the filter and search criteria you have currently selected.

Please note that, depending on the way you sign into My Mailbox, you may be shown different numbers of messages in the list:

  • Only if you sign in using a ID Austria will you see all the available electronic messages, i.e. both those requiring proof of delivery and those not requiring proof of delivery.
  • If you sign in using FinanzOnline or USP identification, you will only see messages not requiring proof of delivery.
  • If you sign in via an e-Government portal with a username and password, you will only see the messages from that portal that do not require any proof of delivery.

If there are messages for you that require you to sign in in a different way, you will be notified of this above the list of messages in My Mailbox.

Unread messages hint

The list of messages displays the first 15 messages sorted in descending date order. If there are further messages, the next 15 messages can be displayed by clicking on the "Display more" link at the bottom of the list of messages. Click on "Display all" to see all the available messages. The total number of all available messages is shown in brackets. If there are a great many messages (over 1000), the "Display all" function is not available.

List of messages

Unread messages are shown in bold font on a pale grey background, and messages that have already been read are in normal font on a white background. For each message, you can see the sender, the subject, the date of delivery and the number of attachments. Messages may also contain keywords (bottom right for each message). These are included by the sender and cannot be added by the recipient. From these keywords you can tell, for example, if the message has been forwarded from the FinanzOnline Databox (and is displayed in My Mailbox for information only). To read a message and download its attachments, click on the message to see a detailed view of the message.

Note: Newly arrived documents count as having been collected as soon as they have been displayed in the message overview, regardless of whether they are then actually read.

Above the list of messages, you can use a search field to enter terms such as part of the subject line, a reference number or message ID by which the list of messages can be searched. The list of messages will then be re-sorted on the basis of the search results. When you switch to a different folder, the search criteria that you entered are reset.

Search bar

By clicking on the "Edit" button immediately below the search field, you can switch to selection mode for selecting more than one message. In this mode you can select and edit several messages (select them by putting a tick next to the sender of the message). For example, several messages can be moved into a different folder or deleted or forwarded by email to an email address.

Edit bar

Note: Only messages that have been read can be moved to a different folder or deleted. Messages can only be forwarded by email if the size of the attached files with any one message does not exceed 50 MB in total. After being forwarded by email, unread messages are marked as read.