My Mailbox

My Mailbox is the digital mailbox for deliveries of official documents over the Internet. With My Mailbox, citizens, businesses and public authorities can collect their official documents from one place.

Citizens can call up My Mailbox on the citizens' service portal or by using the "Digital Office" mobile app. Businesses and public authorities can access My Mailbox via the business service portal It is available there to all authorised mail recipients at the business or organisation. After being registered for electronic document delivery by the authorised mail recipient, USP administrators can only view the settings for automatic collection.

To collect document deliveries requiring proof of delivery, it is essential to sign in using ID Austria.

This user documentation about My Mailbox provides support for users of the electronic mailbox My Mailbox. You can find general and more detailed information about electronic document delivery at Elektronische Zustellung (

Questions about My Mailbox and electronic document delivery can also be addressed to the chatbot for electronic document delivery in My Mailbox itself.

You can find other contact options under Contact and Help.