Registering on other e-government portals

You can register for electronic document delivery/service of documents not only on or the business service portal but also on other authorities' communication systems (e.g. AMA). If you have started to register on one authority's communication system, you must complete the process on that system if you wish to go on to start another registration process on a different communication system or via or the business service portal.

Complete existing registration

If you or your company are already registered with one authority's communication system, and you would like to register on another communication system, you will be shown an expanded registration page when you start. Here you will be able to select an address for your new registration from the email addresses that you have saved and activated, or enter a new email address. When you click on the "Register now" button, an email containing an activation link will be sent to the email address you provided. The registration process is not complete until you activate your email address.

Note: If you have only registered for one communication system, you can only be contacted for messages on that system. That means you cannot make full use of the benefits of electronic document delivery/service of documents, because you can be contacted only by a very restricted group of senders.

Registration additional system

If you have started to update your profile for deliveries, for example so that you can also receive service requiring proof of delivery (RSa, RSb) in future, you must similarly first finish the updating process before you can start a new registration.

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