In the "Absences" section, you can enter times when you are not contactable for electronic document deliveries. Enter the relevant period here. If you become contactable again sooner than expected, you can cancel a continuing absence here. If you have activated forwarding to the ERV, no absences can be entered here in My Mailbox. In that case absences can be recorded in the ERV.


Businesses can absent themselves from electronic document deliveries for a maximum of 28 days  (4 weeks). Private individuals can absent themselves from electronic document deliveries for a maximum of one year.

Recording an absence does not extend the period for which messages already received are stored. Only new messages will not be delivered electronically during your absence.

Note: Please note that during this period you are only not contactable by the authorities for electronic document delivery! Document deliveries via FinanzOnline are not affected. During this period the issuing authorities may switch to postal delivery in some circumstances.

You will be told when an absence has been activated in My Mailbox by a note to that effect:

Absence notice