Cancel registration

If you want to unsubscribe from electronic document delivery, you can do so right at the bottom of the Settings page. You can only unsubscribe from electronic document delivery if there are no more unread messages  for you.

Depending on the way you sign in to the website that provides My Mailbox, you may have to sign in again to cancel your registration. If you are registered to receive messages both requiring and not requiring proof of delivery, but are currently logged on with FinanzOnline or USP identification, you cannot cancel your registration.

Businesses should note that they are obliged to participate in electronic document delivery unless the business falls below the VAT threshold.

Delete registration

You can also unsubscribe from electronic document delivery by post. Further information about this and a template for unsubscribing in writing can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions about electronic delivery for citizens: FAQs eDelivery citizens ( or businesses: FAQs eDelivery businesses (

If you unsubscribe in writing, it will take effect within 14 days of receipt. Until it takes effect you will still be contactable for electronic document delivery. You will be told the date of cancellation in a message on My Mailbox.

Written cancellation note