The "Forwarding" section is only available to businesses. In the "Forwarding" section you can indicate whether messages from the FinanzOnline Databox should be displayed in My Mailbox for information purposes. If you participate in the ERV (electronic legal communication) system, you can determine here whether messages from My Mailbox should be forwarded to the ERV. Databox messages cannot be forwarded to the ERV.

Display Databox messages

Messages that were delivered to the FinanzOnline Databox and are also displayed in the recipient's My Mailbox for information are labelled accordingly (FinanzOnline).

Note: Please note that for technical reasons not all Databox messages can currently be displayed in My Mailbox. Work to increase the range of messages that can be seen is ongoing.

Different authorisation concepts are in place on the business service portal and in FinanzOnline regarding electronic document delivery for businesses. In the Databox, FinanzOnline users can be authorised by the Supervisor to see various documents from specific tax numbers. In My Mailbox on the business service portal, authorised mail recipients can see all FinanzOnline messages for information purposes and any possible restrictions that applied in FinanzOnline are disregarded.

In the case of sole traders, it is possible for them to view FinanzOnline messages from the other sector (private sector and commercial sector) on the citizens' service portal or on the business service portal respectively.

Forwarding to the electronic legal communication (ERV) system

Participants in the ERV system can specify whether electronic messages should be forwarded from My Mailbox to the ERV. The ERV code defines to which ERV participants the messages from My Mailbox are forwarded.

Note: Messages forwarded to the ERV are only available there. Such messages cannot be read in My Mailbox. Messages from the FinanzOnline Databox that are displayed in My Mailbox for information are not forwarded to the ERV.

When messages requiring proof of delivery are forwarded, the time of delivery is determined by when they arrive in the ERV (under the Court Organisation Act). The time of delivery for messages sent electronically is always the working day following arrival in the recipient's electronic domain, with Saturdays not counting as working days. That time is recorded as the time of delivery and is the time which is notified to the sender in the proof of delivery.