Examination for civil engineers

General information

The examination for civil engineers may be taken after graduation from university with an appropriate degree and after the required practical experience.


  • Graduation from an Austrian university with a master’s degree or diploma in engineering or natural sciences, a diploma in technology or mining, or a diploma in natural resources and life sciences, or graduation from a university of applied sciences with a master’s degree or diploma in technology focusing on engineering or natural sciences;
  • Following graduation, at least three years of practical experience suitable for acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for being awarded authorisation to practice the profession of civil engineer:
    • Graduates of university courses in architecture and graduates of structural engineering courses from universities/universities of applied sciences are required to spend at least one year of practical training on construction sites
    • Graduates of surveying courses from universities/universities of applied sciences are required to spend at least one year of practical training in the field of boundary surveying for all purposes of subdivision of land for the land register as well as for all purposes of partitions and mergers under the subdivision of Liegenschaftsteilungsgesetz (LiegTeilG).

Please note

Practical training performed during the last section of the study or during the master’s course can be taken into account up to 12 months. The special practical training for architects and chartered engineering consultants of surveying must be performed after graduation with a master’s degree or diploma. Practical training must take place under an employment relationship including quasi-freelance agreements ( freier Dienstvertrag) or by being a personally active professional in a regulated tradeGerman text or in public service.


No special deadlines need to be observed.

Competent authority


The request may be submitted personally, in writing or by e-mail to the competent authority.

Required documents

  • Certificate of graduation;
  • Credible credentials of practical experience and comprehensive description of type and duration of work in the required field;
  • Supporting documents concerning membership in social insurance scheme;
  • If necessary a trade licence

Costs and fees

  • Request:
    • EUR 14.30 federal fee
    • attachment: EUR 3.90 per sheet.

Please note

Fees or taxes become due once the procedure is settled. For this purpose a payment form will be mailed to the party concerned.

Legal bases

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Civil engineer's examination – admissionGerman text

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